Through the use of NeurOptimal®
Have you trained your brain today?

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is an advanced brain training technique used to improve the brain’s ability to be more resilient, flexible and regulated. NeurOptimal® is a dynamical type of neurofeedback that is 100% drug free, non-invasive and effortless. NeurOptimal® works by reading the brain’s activity through EEG sensors placed on the scalp and ears which allows the brain to identify less than optimal functioning through receiving feedback about itself. The brain then makes its own decisions about how to adjust itself without any external influence. An analogy of a mirror can be used to explain how NeurOptimal® works as essentially the system allows the brain to look at itself in a mirror allowing it an opportunity to fix up what it needs to naturally without direction from a practitioner. The system was developed by clinical psychologists and uses mathematical algorithms to give the brain an opportunity to be in charge of innately regulating itself for optimal functioning. NeurOptimal® communicates directly with the central nervous system to be calmer, less reactive and more balanced. People who use NuerOptimal® report feeling happier, clearer, calmer and able to bounce back from life’s challenges much quicker.

What are the benefits of NeurOptimal®?

When the brain and central nervous system are calm, everything in our lives becomes easier to manage. NeurOptimal® promotes healthy sleep habits, mental acuity, focus, self-esteem, reduced stress, overall general wellness and much much more. A regulated brain and nervous system allows the ability to efficiently adapt to the environment around us, no matter what life throws at us. NeurOptimal® is not just for people who have ailments, but also for people who are looking for peak performance, and everyone else in between. The benefits are endless and priceless

What happens in a NeurOptimal® session?

During a NeurOptimal® session, you will be required to sit or lie down comfortably. Two small EEG sensors will be placed on your scalp and three more will be placed on your ears. Each sensor will have a small amount of conductive paste on them. You will wear headphones which will play some relaxing music for 33 minutes until the session is complete. While the session is in progress, you are not required to do anything but relax. You are welcome to do a quiet activity such as read a book, check your emails or colour in. It is completely effortless for you, while you sit back and let the NeurOptimal® system do all of the hard work for you.

How many sessions are required?

Every person’s central nervous system and brain is completely different meaning that there is no set amount of sessions that can be prescribed. Session frequency is better known by observing subtle and acute changes in a person’s life as a result of using NeurOptimal®. Some people only require a few sessions while others may need several to find a nice balance. While some people are satisfied with a few sessions, others choose to use it as an ongoing brain training tool for a more balanced lifestyle.

Who is NeurOptimal® for?

NeurOptimal® is for anyone who has a brain! It is safe to use at all ages and stages including ba